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Quincy is mobile and a cure is on it's way!!!!

We are all so excited beyond what my heart can say that Quincy started commando crawling 2 weeks ago! She is motivated to get her toys, or her sisters toys, and wants to play with anything she can. She is moving fast and we are so excited for her. She is just making such amazing progress. She is walking with much assitance, but understands the concept of forward motion and she is engaging with the world around her more than ever. As she has just turned 22 months, we dreamed she would have some mobility by 2, and she is working her butt off to make this happen. The endurance of this child is beyond words and we are all SO very proud of her.

In addition to her amazing progress, which is slow and steady, but it WILL win the race, there have been some unbelievable advances in the science in the last few months. I have been honored to be offered a position on the Board of Directors for the Foundation of Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) as the Scientific Director. This is a position where I can hear and be involved in real time with the science and medicine and than translate this information to all of our families of those affected by AS. This is a great honor and I feel that I know now more than ever that meaningful therapeutics will happen for my baby girl. Keep you eye on the updates at:

I have written all of these summaries to make the science understandable for each and every one of us. Everyone keep up the good work. We are closer than ever to fixing our kids!

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