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Quincy's Quest



Who is Quincy...

Quincy is a very happy little girl who is missing a very small gene called UBE3A. This has resulted in a rare neurogenetic disorder called Angelman syndrome. This rare condition is reported to occur in 1 in 15,000 people. She is facing many challenges that she is working very hard to overcome. 


There is a vast amount of research being done in Angelman syndrome, and the science is now able to turn on the gene she is missing because she happens to have a silent copy, implant the deleted segment through viral vector delivery, and provide medical therapy to control some of the neurologic inhibition that she is missing...but so far only in animals.


We need to help support the science and bring this technology to our babies with Angelman syndrome all around the world.  


To help support this cause feel free to contact: 


For more information on Angelman syndrome view our updates and research page or the link below:


Foundation for Angelman Sydrome Therapeutics (FAST) at:






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